Wimberley Market Days offers a variety of services to assist our shoppers.
  • U Call - We Haul: Shoppers can call 512-618-7121 from any Market Day booth and we will send one of our motorized carts and drivers to pick up you and your purchase and take you to your car. The minimum cost for this service is $10, with larger donations for multiple stops or oversize items appreciated. Shoppers may also go the Hauling Booth at Booth #6 inside of gate 1 and pick up a cart and driver.
  • Onsite Emergency Services: Members of the Wimberley EMS and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) are onsite to provide first aid or emergency help if necessary. The first aid booth is located behind Concession #1, near the Main Pavilion. In case of emergency call 512-618-7096 the CERT cart will come to your Market Days location. Note: This phone number is good only on Market Days. For emergencies at any other time or at any other location in Wimberley, call 911.
  • ATM - An Automatic Teller Machine is located at gate 2 and concession 4 for your convenience. Concession stands accept cash only. However, most of the vendors accept credit cards, cash and checks. This decision rests with the individual vendor. If you plan to make your purchases with cash, we suggest you bring it with you. On heavy traffic days, the ATMs may run out of cash and be out of service until it is filled.