The Lions Club operates 3 large parking lots along RR 2325 for Market Days customers. The cost for parking is $5. Lots 1 and 3 are located across the road from Market Day gates 2 and 3. Lot 2 is located on the far north end, at gate 4. These are the only 3 lots operated and controlled by the Lions. When you park in one of these lots, your donation supports Lions charities. You will also receive a Market Day Vendor Directory when you enter the lot. Additional copies of the directory are available at both information booths, concession 6 near gate 10, in two large blue racks at gates 1 and 2, and at the hauling booth.

There are several other parking lots operated by landowners near Market Days, including the Trinity Church and Katherine Anne Porter School. The prices for these lots vary from $3 - $5 and the money goes to the organization or individual who owns the land.