Entertainment & Themes

March 3rd - "Texas Independence Day"
Pavilion Stage: Monte Good
Hill Top Stage CC4: JR Wetz/Rustic Rythms
Shady Grove Stage CC2: College Fund Jazz Band

April 7th - "Spring Fever and Baseball"
Pavilion Stage: Beverly and the Shades
Hill Top Stage CC4: The Humdingers
Shady Grove Stage CC2: Chris Winkler

May 5th - TBD
Pavilion Stage: Alli Mattice Band
Hill Top Stage CC4: Jazz College Fund Band
Shady Grove Stage CC2: J R Wetz / Rustic Rhythms

June 2nd - TBD

July 7th - TBD

August 4th - TBD

September 1st - TBD

October 6th - TBD

November 3rd - TBD

December 1st - TBD